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Pet Insurance through PetPlan

Pet Insurance through PetPlan

Pet insurance helps pay for your pet's unexpected veterinary care.

We have teamed with one of the nation's top pet insurers, Petplan, to help you provide your pet with the best possible care, no matter what. Because when accidents and illnesses come up unexpectedly, the costs can quickly run in to the hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars.

Pet medical insurance helps you pay your unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you've got help covering the costs. With Petplan on your side, you can follow your veterinarian's recommended course of treatment knowing that your pet health insurance will help provide you with financial peace of mind.


Only Petplan pet insurance gives you:

More Choice
Freedom to visit any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada and the flexibility to build a plan that fits your budget.

Most Coverage
Petplan covers all accidents and unexpected illnesses, including all hereditary conditions, as standard† — no additional costs.

Best Service
Thousands of pet parents agree, Petplan is America’s #1 pet insurance provider.


You can't predict your pets' health. But you can plan for it.
You already "expect the unexpected" with your pets at home, but what about when it comes to their vet bills? Truth is, unexpected vet bills happen more often than you think (insatiable appetite for socks: case in point). And they can cost more than you’d care to imagine. Petplan pet insurance can help.

What is Petplan pet insurance?
Petplan pet health insurance helps you pay your unexpected vet bills. So if your pets have an accident or become ill, your first thoughts can be about their care, not your budget.

How do Petplan policies work?
It's simple. If your pets have an accident or get sick unexpectedly, simply visit your veterinarian as normal, complete, sign and submit your one-page claim form - which has been pre-filled with all your policy details for ease - and within days we'll send your reimbursement directly to you.

Will my policy cover things like genetic diseases and even cancer?
Absolutely! Petplan’s policies cover genetic and chronic conditions - even cancer - as standard. Like all pet insurance policies, pre-existing conditions aren't covered. But with Petplan, you don't have to add extra costs just to get the coverage your pets deserve. We even offer complimentary underwriting and a money-back guarantee during the first 30 days of your policy.


Sounds great, how do I get started?
Visit or call 1.866.467.3875 to get a free instant quote now! Get a 10% discount when you enroll online using the code AFF00124.

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